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truu original air pro.
Hygienically healthy air and contact surfaces to protect customers and employees.

The products of the truu air pro series ensure permanent disinfection of public spaces, offices, shops, restaurants, manufacturing facilities or even means of transport. Indoor air and contact surfaces are permanently freed from pathogenic substances. In this way, employees, service providers and customers are optimally protected. The truu air pro series is the perfect support for hygiene concepts in every industry.

truu aviation pro.

The hygiene concept for air traffic for 360 ° permanent disinfection of the cabin air and all contact surfaces.

truu transport pro.

Active all-round protection against pathogens of passengers and employees in local public transport.

truu nautic pro.

Complete and permanent liberation from viruses, bacteria, germs on water, on land and in the air.

truu automotive pro.

Hygienic cleanliness in all vehicle interior areas for the effective interruption of infection chains.

Perfect for any surface.
The long-term coatings with
permanent effect.


On plastics.
Invisible and yet highly effective.

Plastic surfaces or handles are often affected by contamination from pathogens. These areas are now particularly safe.

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On metal.
Robust and wear-resistant.

The coating places a protective film over metal parts and makes them self-cleaning components. It works 24 hours a day, every day.

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On textiles.
A powerful opponent for germs.

Even with the most careful cleaning, pollutants often remain in textiles. Microscopic nanoparticles and silver ions have a deep-clean effect.

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On ceramic surfaces.
Permanent cleanness everywhere.

Ceramic surfaces play a major role in hygienically sensitive areas. The truu coating ensures sterility even in hard-to-reach places.

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On mineral substrates.
Anti-allergic and antimicrobial.

Swirls let health-endangering particles float freely in the air. The coating of walls, ceilings and floors massively reduces loads.

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On glass surfaces.
Years of filtering without any wear.

Highly effective semiconductors on glass surfaces decompose microorganisms and microbacterial organic compounds in the air for a long time.

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On wooden surfaces.
Sustainable germ reduction.

The air-cleaning and sterilizing properties of the truu coating make wood-based materials resistant to particles and allergens that are harmful to health.

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