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This turns
Plastic surfaces into a virus and bacteria free zone.

The truu coating is simply sprayed onto plastic and acrylic glass surfaces and unfolds its effect within a short time. Viruses, bacteria, germs or allergens that come into contact with the microscopic coating are broken down into individual parts and made completely harmless. Even particles floating in the air are attracted and decomposed. The addition of nanosilver extends the cleaning effect. Contagion centers are permanently contained.

Interrupts Chains
of infection
permanent and

long-term effect over months.

  • Degree of hardness H7 
  • Long-lasting, wear-resistant and effective 
  • Prevents recurring contamination 
  • Applicable to all smooth plastic surfaces 
Drying time90 min
Durability (low stress) several years
Durability (high stress) 6 months
Activeday // night
Applicationspray // immerse


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any surface.