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Protects against:
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens
  • Finedust

truu original air.
Clean, unpolluted air and contact surfaces.

Whether in the office, when shopping, in public buildings, whether on the move or at home, we are exposed to many contaminations indoors. Our indoor air and the different surfaces with which we are in contact are full of fine dust and ultra fine dust particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses, which represent a constant challenge for our health. The innovative surface coatings from truu clean the air and at the same time protect contact surfaces for a long time against contamination with all kinds of pathogens. In this way, they interrupt infection chains in a sustainable manner and ensure a hygienically clean atmosphere. Discover the long-term coatings with 5-fold effect:


Contact protection
with permanent effect.

All harmful particles that are brought into contact with the coated surface are continuously decomposed - including the endotoxins.

Air cleaning
with long-term effects.

The coatings attract particles from the indoor air 24 hours a day and render them harmless.


Thanks to the spray application, the microscopic particles also penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and develop their disinfectant effect.


The abrasion-resistant all-round protection against pathogens is active, depending on the surface, for months to several years.


The truu coatings do not require any additional energy, are water-based, emission-free and extremely durable.

Macht Ultrafeinstaub, Allergene und Keime unschädlich
Filtert 80% belastende Stoffe in 1,5 Stunden
Filtert 80% belastende Stoffe in 1,5 Stunden

The truu original air products.
Perfect for any surface.

The innovative truu coatings can be applied to almost any surface, whether hard or soft, whether colored or transparent, whether smooth or structured. The environmentally friendly basis of the coatings is water, which simply evaporates. What remains is a microscopic, invisible and imperceptible membrane on every surface, which is then highly abrasion-resistant and is effective for several months to many years. On glass, on concrete, on plastic, on ceramic, on metal, on wood or even on textiles.

Business customersPrivate customers

Protect yourself
against viruses, bacteria and ultrafine dust.

In closed rooms, the particle load is up to 5 times higher than in the outside air. Viruses, bacteria and other multi-resistant germs, but also allergens and ultra-fine dust cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, if they get into our bodies, they can be dangerous for our health. The photocatalytically effective truu air coatings ensure that harmful substances do not come as far. Floating particles in the air are also attracted and rendered harmless when they come into contact with a coated surface, right down to the endotoxins. Especially people who are already sensitive to these substances, have previous illnesses or whose immune system is impaired benefit from hygienically pure, pristine air – truu original air.

Good for your well-being.

Hygienically clean
air and surfaces
bactericidal, virucidal
24-hour filtering,
lasting effect

Good for the environment.

Function without
additional energy
Green technology
made in Germany