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truu original life.
Pure originality for a healthy lifestyle.

The truu products offer you the most indispensable in life, in its pure and pristine form. Healthy tap water, free of all harmful substances and clean fresh air to breathe. The multi-level truu water refinement systems provide water in its cleanest quality. the truu air products make sure that your interiors are filled with the cleanest air possible, free of ultra-fine dust, mould, viruses and bacteria. This is great for your well-being as well as for the environment.

truu original water.
Pristine and pure. 

truu original water is water in its purest and most natural form. As pure and unadulterated as when the environment was still unspoilt. truu original water is free of all harmful substances, restructured and energised. It’s also incomparably sustainable. Plastic bottles and long transport routes are made redundant.


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truu orginal air pro.
Pure, germ-free ambience for trade, municipalities, traffic.

The products of the truu air pro series ensure permanent disinfection of public spaces, offices and means of transport. Free of pathogenic substances on contact surfaces and in the air we breathe.


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truu original air.
Pure, hygienic ambience in your home.

truu original air enables clean, originally healthy indoor air and contact surfaces free of viruses, pathogenic germs and also ultrafine dust or allergens that strain the respiratory tract. 


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