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Independent Partner

for a lifetime.

All truu products have been developed to take care of your well-being for decades in a sustainable way. On top of this we offer services which make the operation of your truu products as easy as possible. We will help you from the first day on.


30 years manufacturer warranty

All truu original water products have an exceptionally long warranty. For the truu air coatings they depend on the coated surface and the stress. For our truu refinement systems, the warranty is extended year per year - until 30 years - as long as the yearly filter change is carried out by a certified truu service technician.



30 years upgrade warranty

You can rely on the fact that your truu product will keep on the state-of-the-art technology for 30 years. In case new components are developed, providing improvements, they can be implemented paying the difference between original and current list price plus installation cost.



Local service

In case something’s wrong with your truu product, you can reach our service anytime, by contacting your truu office. We will get back to you soonest and fix a service appointment with you, in case needed.



Installation service

In order to make sure that your truu original water products perform flawlessly, you can book a local installation (prices on request).



Moving service

In case you are moving and you would like to install your truu system in your new home in a professional way. Just contact us and we make sure, a technician will help you out. In the first 6 months following installation this is even free of charge


In your truu office, as a truu owner you check at any time your warranty items, request for services or check the status of your ongoing request. All service- and warranty items are provided by truu service GmbH, Westring 14, DE-75180 Pforzheim