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truu original water.
A pure pleasure for your body.

Humans are “water beings” by nature, as our bodies are composed of approx. 70% water. It’s therefore a crucial part of daily life. That’s why it’s all the more important that the body contains water that does as much good as possible and pollutes it as little as possible. truu original water is exceptional. This means that it can penetrate the cells and bring in important minerals dissolved in it from nutrition. At the same time, it supports the detoxification of the body cells, which ensures a natural and healthy metabolism. This supports the body functions. That’s why leading health experts recommend the purest, most pristine water.

and energised

In its ideal, natural state, water has a clear and harmonious molecular structure, as discovered by the Japanese pioneer in water research Dr Masaru Emoto in the 60s. truu original water is restructured using an innovative, self-developed bio-ceramic treatment process. When water is able to flow freely in nature, it gets swirled over and over again, which vitalises it. truu water refinement systems imitate this process. A special internally designed tube, consisting of individual stainless steel segments makes the water flow in random swirls, which eventually turns it into truu original water.