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turn into virus and bacteria killers.

Windows are the perfect surface for the air-purifying truu coating. Thanks to this, tiny particles from the room air such as fine dust, viruses and allergens are drawn onto glass panes and broken down into their individual parts when they come into contact. The cell walls are completely destroyed, thereby neutralizing the endocrine, which could otherwise cause damage. The harmless residues can then be easily removed during cleaning. It couldn't be purer and safer.

like glass.
Material hardness
level H7.

What remains
is healthy air.

  • Organic substances are broken down into water, CO2 and harmless residues
  • Residues are decomposed and therefore harmless to health
  • Can be applied to all glass panes
  • No wear, no abrasion
Drying time90 min
Durability (low stress) 10 years
Durability (high stress) 1 year
Activedaylight // artificial light


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any surface.