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hygiene for all handle and work surfaces.

The truu coating places a protective film over all metal parts and makes them self-cleaning components. Microorganisms that hit the coated metal or float in the air are completely decomposed in a short time, including all endotoxins. No new pathogens can arise even from the organic residues. The coating is extremely powerful, it works 24 hours a day, every day. Small scratches or scratches do not affect the effect. It is so robust, even in areas subject to heavy wear, that it only takes months to refresh.

abrasion resistant after
ISO 15184
& ISO 2409.

(Kopie 1)

Safe and
environmentally friendly.

  • Water-based coating 
  • Drying by evaporation 
  • Emission-free and harmless to health 
  • Long-lasting cut, scratch and abrasion resistant 
  • Sustainable cleaning effect
Drying time90 min
Durability (low stress) several years
Durability (high stress) 6 months
Activeday // night
Applicationspray // immerse


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any surface.