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Disrupt Infection chains
with antimicrobial tiles and floor tiles.

Ceramic substrates are ideal for the glass-hard coating. Because of the abrasion resistance, even floors can be used. Joints, including silicone joints, can also be coated without any problems and are so excellent e.g. protected from mold growth. Nanoparticles fight pathogens effectively in the air and at the same time on surfaces that come into contact with the hands, skin or food. The coating completely neutralizes them and ensures the highest possible hygienic safety even between cleaning intervals.

Eliminates 99,99%
of all viruses,
Bacteria and

The perfect solution
with depth effect.

  • Fine spray mist penetrates into the smallest gaps and works there 
  • Protects sensitive areas permanently against contamination and resettlement 
  • Viruses, bacteria and germs are also killed in inaccessible places 
  • Even porous materials such as joints remain free of pathogens 
Drying time90 min
Durability (low stress) several years
Durability (high stress) 6 months
Activeday // night


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any substrate