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free of pathogens and allergens onto deep fiber level.

Everyone is always in touch with fabric fibers. The highest standards of hygiene are placed on workwear. In the retail sector, it is curtains in changing rooms or furniture for which microbial purity is essential. Seat covers in vehicles or air filters in ventilation systems also benefit from a permanent germicidal coating. The truu coating can be applied in the production process, but also subsequently, and ensures clinical cleanliness and long-term sterility of textile materials.

from harmful

with certainty.

  • Conventional cleaning is optimally supported 
  • Added nanosilver ensures 24 hour effectiveness 
  • Attracts and neutralizes gas molecules from the ambient air 
  • Odor-forming substances adhering to textiles are decomposed  
Trocknungszeit90 min
Durability (low stress) several years
Durability (high stress) 6 months
Activeday // night
Applicationspray // immerse


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any substrate