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Walls and ceilings
become highly effective air filters.

The truu coating can be applied to all surfaces, whether smooth or porous, vertical or horizontal, and lies on the material like an invisible membrane. Then it takes effect for several years without any form of wear. Particles from the ambient air are magnetically attracted and immediately decomposed. Incidentally, walls and ceilings with the coating have another advantage. Thanks to the hydrophilic properties of the material, they are also perfectly protected against dirt and remain as they were on the first day.

Already 100 m2
filter air like
7 deciduous trees.


  • Evaporation from furniture, carpets, electrical appliances are eliminated
  • No more complaints from indoor environmental toxins or allergens
  • No odor pollution indoors
  • Undisturbed well-being for higher performance
Drying time90 min
Durability (low stress)10 years
Durability (high stress)6 months
Activeday // night


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The truu air pro Series.
Perfect for any surface.