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truu original life.
Products for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

With over 15,000 customers, truu is one of the leading providers of high-quality filter systems and air purification technologies. With the water refinement systems truu home, truu mobile and truu fountain as well as the innovative coatings of the truu original air series, the company offers products that ensure pure, pollutant-free water as well as hygienically clean ambient air and contact surfaces.

The company from Pforzheim looks back on more than a hundred years of tradition as a family business. In 2009 the production of high-quality water filter systems from its own development started, combining all systems known on the market in one device for the first time. The products have been marketed worldwide under the name truu since the beginning of 2019. The antimicrobial coatings truu interior and truu crystal, which permanently disinfect air and contact surfaces, have been complementing the portfolio since 2020. 

The credo of truu is to offer the most indispensable things in life in pure and original form: Residue-free, healthy drinking water and unpolluted air to breathe. This is good for everyone’s well-being, but also good for the environment. The water refinement systems make plastic bottles and transport routes superfluous, the coatings work without additional energy and only with sunlight, artificial lighting and even in complete darkness. The products are particularly sustainable due to their robustness and long service life. Truu grants a guarantee of up to 30 years on the water refinement systems. Depending on the degree of mechanical stress, the service life of the coatings is up to 10 years and longer without the effect being impaired. Sustainable products are becoming increasingly important in today's environmentally conscious global society. This requires companies like truu that are committed to the compatibility of economic, social and ecological aspects.